Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Nose Aesthetics is preferred for correcting the damaged structure in the nose. Rhinoplasty operations are arranged to eliminate the arches on the nose, adjust the length of the nose, lift the low nose tips, correct the problems in the nostrils equally, and eliminate the asymmetrical problem in the two wings of the nose.

First of all, certain measurements are taken on the nose of the patient and the golden ratio criteria are given to the patient. The gender of the patient is also important here. Because a man's nose should be more structured and low-angled than a woman's nose. In other words, a woman's nose appears steeper and the tip of the nose smaller than a man's nose. Rhinoplasty is generally performed by plastic surgeons and ear, nose and throat specialists.


How is nose aesthetics done?

Nose aesthetic operation is performed on a certain date after the examination of the nose. The surgery is completed with one of two techniques called open or closed. The technique applied to the nasal cartilage and nasal bones is the closed surgery technique. The open surgery technique, on the other hand, is performed on noses with fewer problems than the other technique.

During rhinoplasty surgery, anesthesia varies according to the intervention to the nose. However, in general, anesthesia is absolutely used, except for procedures such as nasal filling and nasal tip. If there is a problem in the roof of the nose, then the operation continues until the belt is restored or the specified dimensions are restored. Sometimes, only the noses that need to be filed are filed and the surgery ends.


Who is nose aesthetics done?

If rhinoplasty is to be performed on a child, it is examined whether the child's bone development is completed or not. In this case, if the bone development has not been completed yet, the surgery is left for a future time.

Nose aesthetics is generally related to the structure of the nose and also the development of bones, rather than age. At the same time, surgery may not be performed for patients whose psychology cannot handle this situation. Again, for someone who is extremely old, rhinoplasty is given by the joint decision of the doctors.

Nasal aesthetic surgery is performed most successfully, especially on people who will not have anesthesia problems and whose bone development has been completed. It is possible to perform operations such as nasal concha, nasal curvature, arched nose, nasal tip aesthetics for men or women who meet the specified conditions.


Nose aesthetic surgery

There is no need to wait for a certain time for nose surgery. In all seasons and under all conditions, people who meet the necessary conditions can request nose surgery from specialists. However, since the wound is likely to leave scars, it is not preferred to perform these surgeries in the summer months.

Since rhinoplasty will be performed for many different problems in the nose, its duration cannot be determined exactly. However, if an operation is to be performed only because of a minor problem such as curvature. Rhinoplasty operation will take approximately 3 hours.

Another issue that changes the process of the surgery is the existence of previous surgeries on the nose. If the nose has been damaged in previous surgeries and has become sensitive, the best interventions are done by hand, only by prolonging the operation time.


Before nose aesthetics

Before rhinoplasty, patients inform the specialist visually or verbally about what kind of nose they want. With technological tools, the desired nose image is displayed on the patient by applying a preview beforehand. In this case, if the patient wants a replacement or a different structure, he informs the specialist again. A general research is done on the patient before rhinoplasty. The patient is examined whether there is a problem between the nose and the ear.

Information about the harmful substance used by the patient is obtained. Before performing nose surgeries, it is determined whether the patient has ailments such as sinusitis.

At the same time, if the patient has had an operation on the nose recently, an examination is performed for a second operation. If there are drugs that the patient uses constantly, a decision is made about the use of these drugs before the surgery.


After nose aesthetics

After rhinoplasty, the patient's nose process is examined. If everything goes well, the patient stays in the hospital for at least one night and is discharged the next day. While the patient is discharged, controls are arranged in line with certain periods. The patient should definitely go to these controls after the surgery. If bleeding occurs on the nose, he should contact his doctor without wasting time. There may be pain only on the day of the surgery and for a short time during the recovery period. This disappears with the removal of edema in the nose and the removal of the tampon. If there is a harmful substance used, the patient should stay away from it for 4 months and at the same time, it should not be used for about 1 month in substances such as cigarettes.


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