Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation



Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation is a method that can be applied to all patients without progressive chronic disease or skin disease. Hair transplantation, which is usually the solution to the problem of male pattern baldness, is based on the principle of transporting hair follicles taken from the back and sides that do not shed in this type of baldness. It is a method that we use much less frequently in women, and its application in cases of male pattern baldness in women also gives successful results. It is also possible to transplant hair follicles to the eyebrows, beard and mustache areas.

Hair Transplant Alternative Methods

There are many methods applied to prevent hair loss (mesotherapy, medical treatments, etc.). However, if hair loss reaches a certain level and baldness occurs, hair transplantation is the only option. There are also various methods of hair transplantation. FUE, which has become traditional and has been done in almost every corner of the world for many years; DHI, which is the development of FUE and the transplantation is done by injection method without opening the canal, and finally, stem cell supported hair transplantation.

Before Hair Transplantation Surgery

Since the procedure will be performed under local anesthesia, our patients do not need to be hungry or thirsty. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes as it is a long process. The hair is cut in the back and sides, which is the area where the hair follicles will be taken. Cutting all the hair can be preferred as it will be a more aesthetically acceptable image. A front hairline is created in front of the mirror and presented to our patients for approval. After the patient's approval, local anesthesia is applied and the procedure is started.

Hair Transplant Surgery Technique

The tissue pieces (grafts) carrying the hair follicles are taken and lined up. This step is common to all methods. The main thing here is not to cause visible thinning in the areas where the hair is taken. In the FUE method, transplantation is done by placing grafts into the opened channels. In the DHI method, the channel is not opened, the grafts are injected into the skin with the help of special pens.

After Hair Transplantation Surgery

There will be dressing on the head of our patients for three days after the procedure. This dressing is removed by us on the 3rd day and its first wash is done. How to use the lotion to be used in the first 10 days is taught. After about 3 weeks, the majority of the transplanted hair falls out. In about 3 months, permanent hair starts to grow. Hair strands that are getting stronger are about 7-8. reaches the desired level in months. The net recovery period is the end of the first year. As a result, at the end of a process that requires patience, the desired result is achieved.


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