About WBCT Health Leading in Health Tourism

Our company WBCT HEALTH was established in 2017 in Istanbul. We have hosted 1200 patients in 6  years so far with our developing network.

We offer special city and holiday services according to flight tickets, hotel accommodation, private chauffeured vehicle allocation, city tour and package change. When our guests come, they both have their operations and visit many historical, worth seeing and touristic holiday places in Turkey and have fun.

Our prices for the operations ,we have done, change according to the packages. We have a total of 4 different packages. It is divided into 4 different packages as Silver, Platinum, Gold and Gold+. To learn the details of our packages, you can contact our live support team at any time, 7 days and 24 hours, by entering our system via zoom and whatsapp.

You can see the history of the doctor of the region you want to have the operation and the changes that both us and the doctor have made before. If you wish, you can call a patient from the country you want as a reference and ask how we serve and how his operation is. All of our vehicles are in our hospitals, some of them are in our own structure, so you can get more affordable prices from many health agencies.

Since our doctors and our service quality are high, price alteration is procurable. On the other hand, we receive 50% of the amount as a deposit after the form you signed based on the consent form signed before your arrival, and the remaining 50% of the operation fee before entering the operation when you arrive. Always and always for you to look healthy and beautiful WBCT HEALTH 




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