Cheek Aesthetics

Cheek Aesthetics


Cheek Aesthetics (Cleopatra Aesthetics)

We are keeping the name of Cleopatra, the most beautiful of women leaders and the love of Roman Emperor Mark Antony's life, alive in a surgical technique. The method we call “Cleopatra face” should actually be considered as a combination of several techniques. An elegant face is aimed with the touches made to the three problematic areas of the cheek area. Of course, instead of using these techniques exactly for all our patients, our main principle is to customize them within the framework of demands and aesthetic rules.

Cleopatra face is not just a dimple, it is the reshaping of the large area that includes the upper cheek, lower cheek and chin corners. A collection of procedures aiming to create an oval and elegant face, more than a dimple, with the injection to be applied to the chin corners as needed, as well as the use of excess fat tissue obtained by bichectomy in the cheekbones or nasolabial grooves as needed.

How is Cleopatra Aesthetics Performed?

The cheeks and nose define the outline of the face. Especially the terms we use to describe the face shape (oval face, round face) may vary with the degree of cheek fullness. Regardless of the head shape, a full lower cheek creates a round face appearance, which most people do not like.

When it comes to cheek aesthetics, there are three areas that come to mind. One is above the cheekbones, which we can also describe as the upper cheek, the second region is the buccal region, which we will define as the lower cheek, and finally, the thick muscle tissue in the corners of the jawbone that can seriously change the width of the face.

Fullness in the lower face area, which is considered to be the most common problem in our country, can be removed with an easy operation (bichectomy). Fats known as “buccal fat pad” can be taken from the inside of the mouth through a small hole to be opened from the inside of the cheek, and the cheeks that we see more often in European countries can be reached. It is possible to return to life without even a dressing a few hours after this operation, which can be performed under sedation without general anesthesia and lasts for about 20 minutes. Only a few days of indistinct swelling can be seen during the healing process. It will take a month or two to see the full result.

The opposite complaints are seen in the upper face region. Slightness in the area on the cheekbone often causes problems. Fat injections and filling applications for this area easily solve our problem.

Thickening or thickening of the masseter muscle, which is located at the corners of the jawbone and can develop due to clenching the teeth, although it is usually structural, creates an effect that increases the width of the face. Applications to this area are an easy treatment method that can relieve this complaint, albeit temporarily.

These three different regions and application methods are planned and designed according to the complaints of our patients and our predictions. As a result, creating an attractive face shape in a short time with these methods offers a very high satisfaction to both us and our patients.




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